KM Yachtbuilders Open Day

September 26th, 2020

Yacht lovers rejoice! The KM Yachtbuilders Open Day will be held on Saturday 26th of September this year and offers a unique opportunity for you to connect or reconnect with the global KM family. Roam around our facilities, step onboard our yachts, see new-builds in progress and talk to nautical suppliers for advice.

Due to Covid19-regulations we ask you to register with us on the KM Yachtbuilders website if you are planning to visit. This is the link to the registration page.

The Bestevaer II, Gerard Dijkstra's private yacht
Bestevaer 55ST Albatros

The following yachts will be on show:

• Bestevaer 45 Godewind
• Bestevaer 45 Lene
• Bestevaer 45 Lionne (under construction)
• Bestevaer 49 Katharos (for sale)
• Bestevaer 53 BVII (Gerard Dijkstra’s yacht)
• Bestevaer 53 Aegle (for sale)
• Bestevaer 55 Albatros
• Bestevaer 53 Greyhound (under construction)
• Bestevaer 53 Motoryacht
• Bestevaer 72 Symbiose (on appointment only)
• Bestevaer 72 Christopher (for sale)
• Stadtship 56 Oester
• Pelagic 77
• Ed Joy 56 (under construction)
• Catamaran 32m Sabrina (refit)
• Il Moro di Venezia III (refit)

Please note the above list might change. 

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th of September!