Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

North of Copenhagen, overlooking the waters of the Oresund lies a marvellous modern art museum. The Louisiana is one of the world’s most important museums of contemporary art and not to be missed.

Since opening in 1958, the Louisiana Museum has brought together art, nature, and architecture in perfect harmony. Its highly regarded exhibitions of modern classics and today’s avant-garde contemporary art are displayed in spacious, natural-light-flooded halls that embody the very essence of Danish modernism. No less impressive is its permanent collection, including works of Bill Viola, Ai Wei Wei, Yayoi Kusama, and Cindy Sherman. The Louisiana invites you to immerse yourself into art and nature. Enjoy a picnic in the open-air sculpture garden overlooking the Danish Riviera, watch the boats sail by and know that all is well.

'i am in you', Doug Aitkin (video installation), 2000.

'The Raft', Bill Viola (video projection, five channels, surround sound), 2004.

'Viewer', Gary Hill (five-projection video). 1996.