Sea, Music & Mountains: Trænafestivalen in Norway

8-11 July 2021 

Since 2003, the little community of Træna (one of the smallest municipalities in Norway) hosts a yearly music festival for their guests: The Trænafestivalen – according to the Guardian one of Europe’s best “secret” festivals.

The festival takes place on an island in northern Norway, far away from the mainland (65 km far out in the Atlantic). A small community with less than 500 inhabitants participates  give their guests a fantastic experience with music and culture in magnificent settings. Sea views, mountains, midnight sun, swimming, fresh fish, and euphoric audience while enjoying fabulous concerts, create an absolute unique atmosphere.

The journey to get there is as amazing as the destination. Experience the beautiful seascapes of Norway as you sail to Træna.

More information: – IG: trenafestivalen