Festa do Marisco - O Grove

First two weeks of October

O Grove. A beautiful seaside town in a relatively unspoiled peninsula surrounding. Since 1963, every October, something special happens in this typical Galician fishing port: Festa do Marisco O Grove. Galicia’s oldest seafood event, offering 10 days of seafood delight. The O Corgo Square fills up with marquees offering a great variety of exquisite shellfish: almejas (clams), langosta (lobster), mejillones (mussels), percebes (barnacles), berberechos (cockles), centollo (large crab). Locals and visitors are invited to dish out on exquisite Galician recipes such as clams à la marinara, pulpo á feira (typical Galician octopus recipe served with oil and paprika), Vieiras (scallops) with foie gras and forest fruit,  and all sorts of empanada varieties.

Add Galician music, dance, the finest Albariño wines and the likeable Galicians with their celtic roots to the mix, and you might be tempted to extend your stay in this relatively unknown, yet stunning area of Spain. Well, Spain … the Galicians think of themselves as Galicians more than anything else. And rightfully so.

Nice to know
Back in 1963, in the first years of the festival, the festival lasted only a weekend, the stands were handmade, using wood from the local forests. To promote the festival, the inhabitants of O Grove used to give away bags of shrimps and velvet crabs to drivers passing by the access road to the peninsula.
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