Handmade wood veneer in our wood workshop

CNC cut interior parts waiting for assembly

Welding in progress


With over 75 fine ships to our name, each built in-house from start to finish, KM Yachtbuilders has established a strong reputation based on craftsmanship. Uncompromising craftsmanship, because when it comes to quality, every detail matters. Every drop in the ocean counts.

KM Yachtbuilders is located in Makkum, the Netherlands. We’re Frisian and down-to-earth people. We like water, we like boats, we like building boats. We also like beautiful things and satisfied customers. With our longlasting and tightknit team, we aim to build phenomenal yachts that fill our customers, and ourselves, with joy. 


material of dreams.

Lightweight, strong, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly and incredibly good-looking. It is with good reason that aluminium has been our material of choice since day one. With decades of experience and expertise, KM Yachtbuilders is commonly regarded as one of the world’s leading builders of aluminium yachts up to 100 feet.


As one of the few complete shipyards left in the world, we hold all boat-building disciplines under one roof. Each department its own expertise. Each expertise its very own specialists.

Aluminium Hall

The aluminium hall is where our yachts take its physical form. Welding, fairing, sanding, polishing: each yacht takes countless hours of handwork by our master craftsmen to shape aluminium to the absolute smoothest ideal.


Our carpentry team delivers made-to-measure interiors and exterior finishings, like teak decking. Expect finesse woodwork from Holland’s finest woodworkers. 


Electronics, mechanics, insulation. In our outfitting hall, various skills come together to prepare your new-built yacht for the waters of the world.


Aiming for perfection, layer upon layer. A yacht’s paintwork is key to its durability and to achieve perfection requires patience, eye for detail and experience. 


Carefree ownership is all-important to us. Our subsidiary KM Yachtservices provides peace of mind by keeping your yacht in peak condition and supporting owners with a full range of exceptional services. 

Customer care

Our customers know that our commitment doesn’t stop after delivery. Call on us if you need advice or assistance, our support team is happy to accommodate you at any time and at any place in the world. 

Maintenance & Repairs

Consistent maintenance is key to a yacht’s lifespan. Apart from our excellent care under warranty, we offer carefree worldwide service contracts. 

Yacht refits

Could your yacht do with an update? KM Yachtservices specialises in giving new life to yachts through refit, repair, maintenance, and finishing of vessels of up to 100 feet.

Winter storage

Outdoor on the hard or heated indoors: KM Yachtservices has ample room for winter storage at our yard in Makkum, the Netherlands.

The journey that is Bestevaer

Our aim to deliver the purest boating experience has culminated in the creation of a line of aluminium expedition sailing yachts: the Bestevaer. Designed by world-renowned sailor and naval architect Gerard Dijkstra, the Bestevaer family combines high performance, unrestricted sailing with gorgeous functionalist design. No wonder Bestevaer has become the boat of choice for sailing fanatics, explorers, scientists, and adventurers of all kinds. It fills us with pride that KM Yachtbuilders has now become synonymous with this legendary yacht.

Same DNA, same spirit. Years of research and preparation has led to the launch of the Bestevaer 53 motor yacht. With this yacht, we enter an exciting new journey for both the Bestevaer series and our shipyard. We can’t wait to see where this new family member will take us, and you. 

Naval Architect Gerard Dijkstra's Bestevaer II

The Bestevaer 53 M/Y

Bestevaer 56ST Tranquilo

Bestevaer 55ST Morning Haze

Bestevaer 55ST Albatros

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